Handheld Laser Comb

Low Level Light Devices (LLLD) like the Ultimate LaserBush. are tremendously popular at-home options for low-level laser light solutions. Low Level Laser Therapy is extremely safe to use and is absolutely painless.

It works on the principle of photo-biostimulation (transfer of energy to the hair through light) and has been shown to increase the growth of hair and stop hair fall in research published in medical journals.

Low Level Laser Light Therapy has also been approved by the FDA as a treatment to stop hair loss and has been shown to grow hair in clinical trials.

  • Ultimate II Brush - Low Level Hair Care Device

    The Ultimate II Brush* is a low-cost low level hair care devices with great value. With five times the diodes of the original handheld, this is an inexpensive yet a good quality product. Goes well with our hair care program.

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  • Ultimate 25 brush!- 25 Pure Lasers!

    The Ultimate 25 has the maximum number of laser diodes in a comb. It is the cheapest comb on the basis of cost/laser diode. Remember the more laser diodes more will be the noticeable result on hair loss.

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